About Us

Hopalong works exclusively with children, families, schools, preschools and other health professionals to help children develop skills and confidence that support them in their roles as students, sons, daughters and friends.

Hopalong was established in 1996 and provides quality, individualised Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention from our sensory gym centres based in  Peakhurst and Newington, Sydney.

Hopalong Therapists work with parents, carers, teachers and other professionals when setting goals for your child, to provide relevant parent & teacher information, advice and recommendations.

Our therapists work closely with other health professionals.

josh back scooterboard climbing

Children enjoy Hopalong!


Our therapists make Occupational Therapy fun! Through enjoyable play based activities and positive interaction,  our Occupational Therapists skilfully guide your child through a process of discovering how their body works and what it can do to improve their skills, confidence and success.

At Hopalong we are not limited to offering one type of therapy service. We combine therapeutic techniques with with a play-based, fun approach to therapy, to ensure the goals most important for your child are successfully achieved. Therapy options are based on the latest research and designed to meet your child’s unique needs. Our purpose built facility boasts a therapy gymnasium that is designed to integrate therapy services to support your child  through their program while building their skills and confidence.

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Our OTA’s are all available for individual or joint therapy sessions with your child.

Sessions are invoiced at the NDIS Level 2 Therapy Assistant rate for face to face session time and planning, documentation and supervision time with an OT.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to our families who need additional sessions or are on our waiting list. All sessions with an OTA will be monitored by their OT.

Talk with your therapist if you are interested, call the clinic directly to book in a time or email Suzie via email at help@hopalong.com.au.