Hopalong Social Impact

For the Environment

Our Peakhurst clinic has recently made the sustainable move to Solar Power

Thank you Australian Wide Solar, also in our unit complex at Peakhurst for installing it for us


Solar Power


We also continue to move towards using less paper in our clinic with questionnaires and reports being provided electronically.


Reduce Paper Use


Overseas Community Development

Our Hopalong Sponsorchild - GirlsSupport

Over the past 15 years we have sponsored numerous girls through Baptist World Aid with 2 graduating from the program. We specifically support girls to fight the gender bias. Throughout sessions, clients write to and draw pictures for our child sponsors and then love reading their reply. We currently support Nihida who lives in Nepal. baptistworldaid.org.au/sponsorship

Disability Support

To support people and children with a disability we support Miracles day through CBM. A simple operation which cost $33 can restore someone’s sight so they can access their community, work and school.


Tear Fund Useful Gifts at Christmas

At Christmas, to families, friends and business colleagues, we provide Useful gifts through TearFund. No one needs another box of Lindt balls or a candle, so this is a much better way to say thank you and merry christmas by supporting local sustainable solutions such as teacher training, disability access, chicken and eggs and health and vaccines.

Occupational Therapy Students

Closer to home, each year we support OT students to develop their clinical skills around both our clinics. Make sure you say hi when you see them throughout the year. We also offer reduced price sessions with OTA’s and students for families struggling financially.